Prep for exams

I should seriously start studying. I don’t know why, but somehow I just can’t find the momentum for me to start studying.

I just get so distracted by everything! šŸ˜„ And these are mainly clothes, food or everything else under the sun. -.-

The only way out: forcing myself. Despite its sucha bad idea to force myself, but I better start now, or else I won’t be able to go for my company’s DND on the day before oneĀ of my papers. :O

P.S. I just dl-ed an app, Dayre, and my posts are mainly there right now. Like my recent Malaysia trip, and what I did on Friday. What I wore/ ateĀ are also uploaded there. I guess I will be uploading more stuff there now, cos its fuss-free blogging, WOOHOO~

I normally have to resize my pics from the camera, and create a watermark for my pics, so that ppl won’t be able to “steal” my pics.

But inĀ my dayre, I guess nobody actually is willing to “steal” it, since pics would be cropped to a certain size! Go take a look at



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