Hi everyone!! Today’s 31st of December, which is the last day of 2013, and from tomorrow onwards, it will be a brand new year and hopefully, a brand new start for everybody! So, I would like to grab this opportunity to have a lengthy last post for my 2013!

In 2013, there were quite a number of disappointments, especially in studies wise. I know that I’m not really a great student and my grades can get pretty average, but never did I expect that despite all the effort (I really did put in effort by not going out at all during the weekends to focus), I just flunked my exams. It was quite a blow to me, and I really felt so guilty to my parents for flunking the exams. However, I decided to continue studying, and although the degree that I’m about to take might not have many opportunities (jobs/life wise), but I just want to prove that I can do it, that I can get a degree.

In 2013, I’m glad I discovered even more clearly, who were the friends who stayed, the friends who left and the friends who changed. A lot of things happened in 2013, and it proved to me clearly who always remained by my side, despite everything. I’m really grateful for that. But to those that left, things might change if BOTH OF US made the effort. I don’t find myself always putting the effort, but it kinda sucks to know that when you put in the effort, and that person just clearly doesn’t, that friendship is GONE. To me, there were a couple of people that I felt I could give a chance, but they broke it/ didn’t really treasure it, and so I will totally move on, just as they did.

In 2013, I learnt quite a number of stuff, where one of them is cooking. Yup, cooking. Its considered an improvement, ok? I learnt how to cook rice (don’t judge me, please), blanch vegetables, steam tofu with meat. And I hope that in 2014, I will learn how to fry! I think frying is quite scary, because the oil might attack me, if the oil is not hot enough! Other than that, I hope that in 2014, I will succeed in my crepe cake! Please help me keep my fingers crossed! 🙂

In 2013, I travelled to quite a number of places too! The shopping heaven in BKK, relaxing outing to Montigo (I still wanna go Fana) and a food outing to Malacca. I really enjoyed each of these travels, and I aim to go to more travelling places in 2014! 🙂

In 2013, I loved more food than I ever knew. I don’t mind exploring the whole of SG, just to find more food, to try, to savour! 🙂 My fav is still Jap food though!

In 2013, I became closer with my lovely secondary school/poly friends and I have learnt to appreciate them even more than ever. My sec sch friends, such as Sha la la, Fana, Haz, Lali and CH are one of the best group of friends that I have, and its amazing that those who you know through secondary school are always those that are the closest and true to you, and always know a deeper understanding to you. I have also a few poly friends whom I am closer to, such as RY, HH san, LL, ZY, MH, Sandra, JS, Nich, and Grace, who have made me a happier person that I already am. Can’t wait to head on more outings in 2014 with them, whether individually or together.

And in 2013, surprisingly, I also kept in contact with my primary school friends, Ger, YS and Kay, and we even did a Christmas exchange. It has been like what 10 years since I saw them??!! And I am so surpised how we could chit chat with no awkwardness or silence at all! We are already planning for the next outing, and I’m so happy that we still remained in contact!

Other than that, I am so thankful for so many funny and helpful colleagues that I got to know better throughout 2013. Hope the year ahead will be better!

Of course, in 2013, WC and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary. I’m glad that 4 years on, we still braved through all obstacles, all difficulties, all misunderstandings, to arrive on our 4th year, as a stronger and changed couple. Hopefully, we will still remain as strong as can be!

Talking about WC, in 2013, I also remained quite good buddies with WC’s buddies- Melon, Woody and Mr Muscle. Late night movies till 2am were our outings since Melon started work, and we became close buddies than ever. Its nice knowing how you can be buddies with ur bf friends, and its nice chatting with them over like what you are facing/ undergoing. I will always remember what Melon said to me when he was fetching me home from WC place, which is really funny, yet truthful.

In 2013, my family still remained as strong as ever, and I’m glad that my family was at my back, when I faced many difficulties in my studies. 🙂

Thats mainly all what happened in 2013. May there be more positivity in 2014, and may my friends, family and colleagues be happier, stronger and healthier! 🙂

I will see this blog again, in 2014. Wishing this year ahead, a better year for each and everyone of your reading this blog, and enjoy the new year! 😀


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