F1 race

Hihi everybody, so damn busy these past few days!

Been trying to like manage my time well at home! There’s so MUCH stuff to do at home, like blogging, reading my ” An Abundance Of Katherines”, reading 8days, running, cardio, watching my Korean drama ” The Heirs”, practising piano, baking and etc.

How I wish I can manage my time so well till I can do all of it in the few hours that I stay at home after work. But its pretty much impossible! :O I try my best to stay at home like 2 of the weekdays, so that I can actually have some “me” time. Honestly, everybody should have some “me” time, to stop yourself from rushing around after work, and doing some stuff that you truly enjoy!

On to the f1 race that happened in September (super backtrack). I have so much stuff to blog about, and I’m just clearing off some of them now!

Only received the news that we were given tickets by my Uncle to go to the f1 night race ( the pole position race) the day before.

Before the race, we headed to Hoshino Coffee that I wanted to try a long time ago, due to its long queue!

Hoshino Coffee

#03-84, Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road

 Daily: 11:30 – 21:00





Fluffy pancakes with Matcha ice cream ($13.90)!

The pancakes are really soft as they are made freshly on the spot! 😀

*Please take note to order this first as it takes approximately 20-30minutes*


Carbonara ($14) tends to get a little creamy + filling for my taste. But this was just right, it doesn’t make the whole taste too overwhelmed and filling!

But the bacon was a little too salty for my liking!


And we reached the floating platform, where it all starts!




The food village, where all the stuff are so ex! One plain Coke costs like $5?!

But it was quite an experience seeing how well-known restaurants such as Marche, Harry’s Bar having makeshift tents here!


Felt a need to take with the Rolex clock!

I have only seen Rolex sponsoring one other sports event, which is tennis for Wimbledon!
Its Rolex afterall leh (typical Singaporean/ typical me), HAHHAHA!

& see that lappie that we carried ALL the way from Plaza Sing to Marina Bay, just cause it was on offer and was left with only 2 pieces!



Took some pics around, before settling our dinner!


Harry’s Bar Fish and Chips! It tasted cold, as it has already been pre-packed before ordering! 😥

This cost us $16! :O Regretted not eating before heading inside the F1 village! 😦



& we were in! Our seats faced directly to the Grand Pitstand, where all the F1 cars were parked, and the start line for the Saturday night race!




This was how empty it was, even though the race was to be starting in 10 minutes time!

I guess most people buy the tickets to just look-see, look-see and listen to the performances by different bands/ singers.


My camera shutter speed is too slow to take the full view of the car, but this is the closest that I can take using my camera!

The cars will just ZOOM past real quick, which can be only fully taken by videos only!

I personally feel that this F1 race thing is an experience, but I won’t ever want to head back again, and as I put it, its as if your money will go zooming past as quickly as the vehicles zoom past in a split second! O.O

Ending abruptly, to head back to watch my drama! And hoping I can rest earlier today, its been a tiring week! 🙂


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