Montigo Resorts

Hello! 🙂

Another travelogue here, and this time its to Montigo Resorts, Batam!

So glad that I made this trip in Sep with the TSOU group, which also means The Super On Us! Cause we (Nurul, Fana, WC, Sha la la and me) are super on, for anything at any last minute planning. 🙂

This time, we made the decision 1 week of spamming photos in our group chat, before we decided and headed to Montigo (that’s how super on we actually are)! My GBFL Sha la la can’t make it though, so its left with the 4 of us!

A lot of people can’t believe it when I said that this lovely place is in Batam, as it looks like a resort like in Bintan! 😀

We paid like SGD130 per pax, including the ferry tickets!

*Pictures Overload ahead*

And here goes:


Our morning faces, still tired as ever!

Our trip was like 930am, and so we had to reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, 1 and a half hour before (8am) to catch our ferry to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal!

There’s a bus provided by Montigo Resorts to send us to the resort directly, (as long as you send an email confirming the timing that you arrive at Nongsapura Terminal)! 🙂


WC brought me up to the roof deck to see the sea, but the wind got to big, till it felt that my specs were dropping off!

The sun was shining directly down upon us, so I could only be able to squint my eyes when taking the pic! :O



And we reached the Nongsapura Terminal, but it looks like a huge thunderstorm is coming up! 😥



This photo is too nice not to share! 🙂




WE REACHED! This was what greeted us at the entrance of Montigo’s reception!





Applause to a good service, where this attendant volunteered to help us take this photo, although he was busy! 😀

In their resort rules, checking-in time was 3pm, which means we were too early, and the preparation for our hill side villa wasn’t ready yet. We were waiting at the hotel lobby for like 15 mins, until the staff actually told us they could help us change to another villa, and we could check-in immediately at 11am!

Cheers to good service and flexibility in the changing of rules! 😀


In the buggy to send us to our villa! 🙂

Do note that Montigo has a rule of only allowing a max of 4 people to stay in the villas (hillside villa, hillview villa and seafront villa, while spa villa only allows max 2 people).

 Its kinda risky to ‘cheat’ by only booking 1 villa if you have more than 4 people, as the lobby resort staff will check in for you first before directing the buggy driver to you, so they will actually know who did check in.

 Additionally, the buggy is the only transport that brings you from the lobby to your villa itself.

So if you go in a bigger group than 4 people, you can actually request for a villa that is beside each other!


Our home sweet home for 2 days 1 night! 😀

The shuttle bus will take off at 12pm, once daily, and so if you miss the timing, there will be no bus to go to Nagoya Hill!

And so, we weren’t able to explore the whole villa yet, until we be back from Nagoya Hill.


Reached Nagoya Hill, and A&W is always necessary when visiting Batam!

Rootbeer is my fav soft drink ever, and its sad how the A&W rootbeer in a can, sold in Singapore, is just not the same taste as the rootbeer from A&W in Batam/Malaysia! 😥



Too little curly fries given! 😥


Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Milkshake after that!

We decided to buy some groceries to cook at our villa’s kitchen, and so we went to the supermarket first before walking around to rest at JCO.



JCO for their yogurt and donuts (to enjoy at our villa)! 🙂

Their donuts cost only SGD$1.70 for 3 donuts! O.O

Thought that we won’t be able to eat finish these, but we finished right after our night swim!

We spent our time at JCO for like approx. 3 hours, and we were talking about how we miss our villa so much and how tired we were! 😦

There was no way we were going back there via taxi cause its pretty ex, like SGD 16 per person and its pretty dangerous as we are unsure of whether the person from the taxi is going to bring us to another place?! O.O

We walked around, played arcade for a short while and the bus came!


The living room area at the 1st level, that has a small kitchen!


Blasting music all day long with this speaker-charger!


And behold, the best part of the villa: Our own personal pool, that is in every villa! 🙂



Walked out from the pool area, and saw this guy here enjoying himself! 🙂

On to the 2nd level of our villa!


The master bedroom!


View from the master bedroom.



The bathroom!



The balcony on the 3rd floor!


Our support for Layers Kueh Lapis (wanted to buy more but I only brought enough money to buy half of the cake.)

It was soon to be dinnertime, and so our chefs of the day started cooking/preparing!




Le grand chef, WC cooked this, Black Pepper Chicken!


Another grand chef, Nurul cooked this dish, Scrambled Eggs with Onions!

We weren’t sure whether we had enough plates at the villa itself, and so we bought Styrofoam boxes to put our food!


Another dish cooked by Nurul! Aglio Olio, which tasted absolutely nice! We garnished off the whole plate! 😀

Nurul, if you are reading this, please teach me how to cook this!! 😀


‘Melted’ cheese mushrooms. We wanted it to melt, and placed inside the oven for like 15mins, but it didn’t melt at all! :O

Thinking whether has it got to do with Indonesian cheese quality, or the oven problem! O.O


Came out to place all the food at a table overseeing our private pool, and saw this view. 🙂


And here’s our dinner for 4! 😀


Our awesome view to accompany us for our dinner!


After finishing our dinner and washing up all the pans/plates, we started playing Wii, that is provided in the villa! 🙂

So addicted to this game that we played like 3-5 times before we left the villa! 😀


Late night swimming to end off our day 1!

Sidetrack a little to something funny that happened after we bathed and watched TV at the master bedroom.

We BRAVELY watched this documentary where the host would go around the world to find haunted places, to prove if the place itself is really haunted or its just a myth. And the episode that we watched was him exploring an abandoned school in Hongkong.

The doors would close whenever he looked into one of those classrooms, and it just looks eerie enough. :O

Out of a sudden, there was a huge slam, which sounds like a slam on one of the doors outside our room, but in our villa.

The faces on each of our faces were EPIC & HORRIFIED. We didn’t even dare to say anything that we heard the sound AT ALL, and we quickly change our TV channel to something that was showing something more friendly: Masterchef USA.

 WC suggested heading down to get the soft drinks and on my mind was like WHY DO YOU WANT TO GET THE SOFT DRINKS NOW AH, AT SUCH A WRONG TIME! :O

We ALL headed down to the living room, and suddenly heard the slamming sound again. This time, being at the living room reminds me at don’t know which part of Paranormal Activity where the knife suddenly comes from above?!

Fana quickly told us that the sound was actually coming from outside our villa, where construction work was still undergoing. WHOOSH HENG AH!

Such a funny experience to end off Day 1! AHAHHHHA!

Off to Day 2!

Called the buggy to bring us to the breakfast buffet area, and they arrived within 5 minutes after calling! 🙂

Great service to mention yet again! 🙂


Explored the Montigo convenience shop that the driver dropped us at, and is 2 mins away from the breakfast area!

It sells beach mats/beach balls, to bikinis, shampoos and soaps (which is pretty expensive)!


Montigo’s mascot.


This was when I realised that the kueh lapis sold here, looks exactly like crepe cake!


Headed to the buffet breakfast area after that!












Couldn’t resist taking this cornflakes! 🙂

Such a HUGE spread of breakfast buffet for us to enjoy, with an additional bonus of a nice scenic view! 😀


This is the main pool area, and it makes me puzzled as to how come nobody ever wants to swim at this main pool!

I guess everybody would wanna swim at their own personal pool instead of here!

But the view here is really FABULOUS. GREAT FOR PHOTOS! 🙂

We couldn’t resist, and so we decided to walk back to our villa, to get our swimming attires and head back to this main pool area.

YUP, we walked back to our villa, which took us only 5 minutes by the way, cause we were just too bloated from the buffet breakfast!

And I’m glad we did walk back!



But these were under maintenance, so we were unable to chill out/relax here! 😥


Couldn’t resist heading up to take some photos at the balcony first before heading to the main pool!

*This photo looked a little blurry due to the condensation from my camera lens that I placed in the aircon room!*




Back to the main pool! 😀






I seriously didn’t know my back is so muscular (like a boy!) :O It must be due to me playing tennis at the age of 13, but its been a long time since I last played!

Although I run quite often, like once a week, my favourite sport is still tennis, because it actually trains up your entire body: from your arms, to shoulders to improving your stamina and speed. Ok, will definitely play with my Dad and be active at it before I start school! :’)


Headed back to our private pool!



This was when we decided to play blind mice in our own private pool!

One of us would stand in the centre of the pool, with his/her eyes closed while the others would create waves to distract that person.


Swimming and playing blind mice made us SO hungry that we ordered room service after that! O.O

Look at the heart-shaped fish nuggets! 🙂


Had to prepare for check out right after that!

Despite them giving us an extension of a hour for the check out time, we still felt it isn’t enough as nothing beats relaxing in your own personal pool at a 3 storey villa. 😦




Last photo taken in our villa! 😦

Great stay with TSOU! 😀


I’ll be back, Montigo. Definitely.


2 thoughts on “Montigo Resorts

  1. Hi, after read your montigo trip blog, I found it interesting
    Appreciated if you can share the detail ( where you book) and fees

    I am interested and think to plan a 2Day 1night trip for my group of 6pax

    Thanks and hope to hear from you


    • Hello Jen,

      We book from Agoda (maybe it might be cheaper) but you can take a look at the resort website to check (as it might be cheaper than agoda sometimes)..and it is of importance to book the ferry tickets too. It might be of concern that the check in time is approx 3pm (4pm SG time) and that you would have to hire a cab if you want to go Nagoya Hill to get all your cooking stuff. If its a 2d1n trip it would cost approx less than 200 per person. Cos I just went again for a 3d2n and spent around less than 300 per person.

      Hope this helps! Thanks and enjoy!!!

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