Malaysia trip!

Been a SUPER LONG time since I last blogged.

The reason I stopped blogging for approximately 2 months was simple. I felt that blogging was taking too much of my time.

But now, 2 months on, I have realised that I do miss blogging. Its my passion for fashion, eating and travelling that keeps me going.

So welcome to a new start!

Instead of blogging mainly about food, I would like to blog about my travel too, and this post is dedicated to my visit to Hello Kitty Town and Legoland in May this year!

We bought a deal from DEAL.COM that allows us to have a night stay at KSL Hotel & Resort and we paid at a price of approx $170 per person. It was a GREAT deal, as the tickets to both Hello Kitty Land and Legoland were more expensive separately.

However, there was a disadvantage to taking this deal up, so read on to know more about why I said this!


Started with Hello Kitty Town first! 🙂


Hello MEOW!



The ultimate start.



Their performance, which is known as Happy Carnival!


Cinnamoroll Café!

Cinnamoroll reminds me of the bakery specialising in cinnamon rolls that used to be sold near Wisma. I wonder why the bakery closed down though, as the fresh bakery smell is just so aromatic!


Their ears are so cute! 😀


Hello Kitty waffles! (MEOW)

And omgosh, I ordered this just cause I saw how its so damn cute! 😀

It isn’t as fluffy as I thought it would be though! 😦


Taking with Hello Kitty and Daniel. Expect the queue to be LONGGGGGGGGG!!!

Felt kinda kiddo when the people infront me were all kids!



Tea Cups Ride.

This was the ride when I felt giddy, as the centre of each ‘cup’ is a spinning wheel, where the ‘cup’ moves as fast as you can turn the wheel.

Of course… there was a person who was determined in making me giddy!


Back to photo-taking though! A statue that welcomed us to Kitty’s House!




So Kitty was a narcissist! O.O



Even the ceiling is so nice! FAINTS.



Kitty’s Kitchen!



I knew this was forbidden, look at my guilty face!


I seriously think that she is a narcissist. Even the mirror has a Hello Kitty princess on it!


This Kitty was actually pretty dirty, I seriously think it hasn’t been washed since Hello Kitty Town opened its gates!



Kitty Mini Garden.


We queued for this costume dress up for approx. 45 minutes!

And the dress up and photography only took less than 5 minutes! O.O


There was this cute Japanese girl who made the whole experience more enjoyable! She is just so kawaii~

tw0m9W1380377371From the letterbox,


To the café table. Its ALL KITTY-IFIED! Kudos to the Kitty details FOR EVERYTHING!



Thomas & Friends Park after that.


This guy especially love WC a lot, till he kinda ignored me! 😥

And find anything weird with this pic?

My hideous bag is in the pic!

So this is the disadvantage of this deal. It requires us to carry all our barang (clothes, toiletries and other stuff) to Hello Kitty Park before we can head check in at our hotel.

And its just plain tiring, carrying one full load from Singapore to Malaysia! I recall not seeing any lockers at Hello Kitty Park, and I had no choice but to carry my bag with me thoughout the whole exploration of the park! 😦

P.S. When we headed to Legoland for the next day, I had to carry my load of barangs again! But luckily for us, this time, they had lockers!

So back to the Hello Kitty journey.


At the store.




And finally. After a long day, our bus brought us to our hotel (KSL Hotel & Resort) , and we were so amazed by it!

Just look at this!


Plain comfort!


KSL Hotel & Resort is really awesome! It has a linkway from the main lobby, and 2nd floor to the KSL Shopping Mall, and so it was very convenient to walk around!

It was soon to be dinner time, and so we walked and contemplated on so many choices, before we decided on:

Infusion Cafe  from the Hotel Ground Level.




These were just the few servings that I took!

Buffets normally have a lower quality of food, and only one to two dishes would stand out from the whole range.

However, this buffet proved me wrong!

It had the biggest spread of buffet choices, with its WIDE range of seafood to desserts. And there were so many dishes, such as their thick & fresh salmon sashimi, grilled seafood and cooked food that tasted really heavenly.

Overall, the meal was GREAT (even better than most Singapore buffet hotel restaurants I have tried).

With its buffet dinner price of $28 (which cost cheaper, as we were staying in the hotel), this buffet is totally worth-it, and a must try if you are near KSL Shopping Mall!


This is what they specialise in serving daily.

I don’t mind heading back to try the Friday – Around the world in 80 Dishes sounds good!

So the next day continued, and we headed to:




This was the only ride that was thrilling.

Other than that, the only thing I felt that was interesting in Legoland, were attractions from different countries, built from Lego bricks!


Looking familiar?






India’s Taj Mahal.


Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.


Lao’s Patuxai.


Brunei’s Sulatan Omar Ali Saifdduin Mosque.

After that, it was close to lunch time and so we walked outside LEGOLAND to explore!

We decided on Secret Recipe!

I headed to the restroom, while WC ordered. When I was back, he told me that he ordered 3 cakes (which I obviously didn’t believe and thought he was joking).


But it came a while later, and I was shocked! Everybody was looking at us and must be wondering how we got our humongous appetite! :O

From L-R: Chocolate Banana, Mango Delight and Chocolate Indulgence.


Strawberry Yogurt Shake. A total NO-NO unless you love sour drinks!


Oreo Milkshake. Refreshing!


Our mains came after the dessert and drinks, and this is Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti!

This dish had a strong spiciness to it, and the seafood tasted fresh!


Chicken Parmigiana, which is chicken thigh with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

This dish had a stronger taste to it, but the chicken was not that fresh, which resulted in it being a little too dry.


After lunch, we continued walking and we saw talented people drawing caricatures!

This was the only souvenir we bought from Malaysia, and we totally didn’t regret getting as our momento!

And we continued back to explore other parts of Legoland that we have yet to walk!



Hello, Albert!


Zoom in and you can see Iron Man! Its from the Part 3 of the movie where he saves Pepper!


Lets go on a cruise!


Music actually sounds when they are playing!


Even humans are Lego bricks!


The back is the construction for the Lego Hotel, to be launching in 2014!


This was the last ride we took, which is something like the Hello Kitty Tea Cups Ride from Day 1!


And we ended with BLACKBALL, while waiting for the bus to send us back to home sweet home!

Overall, this trip was still fun, and I always wanted to go to Hello Kitty Park, and Legoland. However, despite me being a mini-hello-kitty-fan (I did have the hello kitty wedding collection from 2001 and had a lot of hello kitty notebooks), I didn’t enjoy Hello Kitty Park! It was pretty boring actually. 😦

Legoland was also pretty boring, and the whole theme park was nothing comparable to Singapore’s USS. Its a theme park where you could just walk within a day, whereas USS would definitely not be enough for just a day, as there are too many attractions. 😦

However, I have to state that both theme parks has the best service ever! Their staff were so friendly and warm! 😀

But to me, visiting these theme parks once would be more than enough for me, as there is nothing much to see! 😦

I know that one fine day, I will re-visit the KSL hotel, and try out their quality buffet again! 😀


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