Most-worth Western food + best frozen Yogurt

On a random weekday night, we were craving for some western food! And thats when we decided to head to:


Rock & Ash
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Rock & Ash is at the Marina Square New Link.

Take the escalator down from Esplanade Exchange and you walk along the wide walkway.


Rock & Ash serves the most-worth it western food (continue reading to understand why I say this). And especially when they have this promotion, when joining their Facebook page, would get a 20% off when using Nets! This offer is great as I managed to minus off $10 of my entire bill!


Medium Rockin’ Fries ($2.90) that I chose, Wasabi Mayo and Garlic Mayo. Sauces are an additional charge of $1 each. The fries and dips are made fresh daily, so it tasted piping hot and delicious! I was so glad that the sauce didn’t taste overpowering like how other dips with mayo tasted like.


Rockin’ Pork Burger ($7.90) with Inferno Cheese (additional $1). I took a few mouthfuls from WC for this burger, and the whole burger with the inferno cheese sauce tasted really delicious and yummy! Totally worth the price!


Fried Dory Fish Fillet ( $10.90). This fish fillet tasted really fresh! However, there was a lot of flour added to the fish before frying, and so there was very little meat left. Not really worth the price!


Overview of what we ordered! And also, I forgot to mention that all set meals come with free-flow drinks and soup of the day!


But of course, we always order more than we can eat! We also ordered their popular Pork Knuckle ($25.90) to share. This is almost half the cost of Brotzeit’s pork knuckle. Although it doesn’t taste as juicy and chewy as Brotzeit’s, it is still a great dish when you are craving for pork knuckles that are cheap and good.


After chatting and walking around Marina Square, we went to the store beside Rock & Ash- Llao Llao. Its a new frozen yogurt which originates from Spain, and currently, it has come ashore to our sunny island! Singapore is its 1st outlet, outside Spain (and I’m so glad it came!).

I have always loved frozen yogurt, and always loved trying out the new yogurt stores that were popping up one by one, all over Singapore!

And a few that I tried were Yami yogurt, Red mango, Frolick, Sogurt, Tutti Frutti and Yoguru.

Previously, I really loved Yami a lot, but its standard pretty much dropped after it had it became too frozen till it became tasteless! Sogurt and Tutti Frutti are great if you want to try interesting yogurt flavours, like Red Velvet (Sogurt) and Cookies and Cream (Sogurt/ Tutti Frutti) yogurt, and you pay the amount based on the weight of how many toppings and yogurt you have filled into your cup.

Red mango and Frolick is not too bad, but after trying Yoguru, I became a loyal supporter of Yoguru (as the yogurt tasted smoother)! So Yoguru was a benchmark for me when I tried Llao Llao. But when I tried the small sample size that they were distributing outside their shop, I knew that Llao Llao would have a high chance of beating my all-time favourite Yoguru!



Range of toppings.


This is special- sauces. I have not seen this in other yogurt places, as other places mainly serve syrups like Hershey’s chocolate syrup! So sauces with yogurt = interesting combination.


Fruits + yogurt is always a healthier option!


Omgod, their sanum looks great! Gotta try it soon!


And so,this was what I chose. Medium-sized yogurt with caramelized cookie, OREO and raffaello. So glad that I listened to the girl who recommended to us the caramelized cookie and raffaello, as these 3 tasted really refreshing when combined together. The caramelized cookie tastes like roasted biscuit crumbs with a sweet tinge to it, and the raffaello, which is actually a sauce made up of coconut, peanut and white chocolate looked starchy when placed with the yogurt, but it blended really well with the yogurt itself!


Their cute menu cards, which are made up of the yogurt. So innovative snd appetising!


Sanum, I will definitely go back and try you!!!


The entire toppings range!! πŸ™‚


Overall, I would definitely head back to Llao Llao. Definitely. It just replaced my craze with Yoguru, and I’m so thankful that I took the sample from the girl who asked us to try it. Exaggerated, but I really love this yogurt A LOT! Its definitely smoother, silker, and really really awesome! πŸ™‚

So please go try it, even if the seats are really few, its really worth the try! πŸ™‚


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