Sweet tooth

Hi again, foodies alert! So my exams was stressing me out (UOL exams = super x1000000 stressed out mode)

So, before my exams ended I wanted to eat something sweet cause when you are stressed, you need to eat desserts!

And so I decided to try something I have always love, and that’s cupcakes but from Plain Vanilla!


Plain Vanilla
Tiong Bahru Estate: 1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641


They have a special flavour every week, and for the week  that I went, it was Peanut Butter Jelly.

And this was what I ordered,


Red velvet, cinnamon brown sugar, peanut butter jelly and salted caramel! Each cupcake costs $3.50 or $19 for every half dozen.

Personally, the cupcakes tasted sweeter and its frosting at the top is thicker than 12 cupcakes. But if you are someone who loves sweet stuff, these cupcakes would be your favourite!

After 4 of my tedious papers, my friend also introduced me to this lovely place:


Ever felt that there are very few Halal places where one can relax and eat food that are neither Italian or Western? Discover this restaurant which serves Halal Swedish food!

Fika Swedish Café and Bistro
#01-20 Millenia Walk,
9 Raffles Boulevard
Opening hours:
Sun-Wed 11am-10pm
Thu-Sat 11am-11pm


Strawberry cheesecake (~$3.90-$7.90)! The cake was moderately sweet! This is a cake more suitable for sharing than eating alone, as one might feel that it gets a little filling after a few bites.


Nutty caramel fudge (~$3.90-$7.90) . This cake is perfect, and the combination of caramel nuts at the top, chocolate and biscuit crumbs at its base makes this whole cake worth the try!


Swedish Strawberry Cream ($7.50). Tea can help to cleanse our palate, and so we ordered this Swedish Strawberry Cream. However, I would have decided to go for something more simple in taste, like Earl Grey Creme, as this tea blends in with the 2 cakes that we ate. And the cost of $7.50 for the tea is quite expensive, so I would top up a little money and try something special, like their soft drinks that are imported from Sweden!


Happy us after eating! Thanks Haz for introducing us to this lovely restaurant!

So overall, I would definitely head back to Fika to try its main dishes (didn’t manage to try these as we were too full from our lunch), and try their soft drinks and other desserts that have already been sold out from their counters!

Thanks for reading, and next post will be another new food haunt! 🙂


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