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Welcome to my blog! I am a simple girl who loves to live life to the fullest! By saying that, i mean to: EAT, SHOP, TRAVEL, SLEEP, HAVE FUN, and doing many other things which makes my life filled with simple joy and happiness! And thus my blog’s name!

Without further ado, here is my first post!


The Tastings Room

6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #01-08 Singapore 039594
(65) 6338 1829
Opening Hours: Sun–Thu: 10am – 10pm; Fri–Sat: 10am – 12am

This place looks great for romantic dates, due to its ambience! They also serve wines for special occasions. This is how it actually looks like, photo grabbed from their site!

image Romantic enough? So here comes the food:

escar2 escargots2

Escargots ($13.90) These escargots are cooked in herb cheese sauce. This dish is nice, but not really worth the money as there are only 6 pieces!


Truffle fries, which have recently became popular in Singapore, and I can say that I am a fan of it! ( I am in search of the best truffle fries in Singapore, other than P.S cafe and I think I have found them but more on that next time!). Truffle fries have a smoky aftertaste, and so do take note before ordering, in case you actually dislike it!


Fresh Garden Salad ($9.90) And my special one decided to get all healthy and ordered garden salad. I do not really know how to appreciate salads, and so I find it normal.


Duck Confit ($21.90) Their famous duck confit, with orange sauce added! Meat was tender and I am kind of happy as they also added greens to the dish to prevent the meat from getting too filling!

Tiramisu can be ordered here too, but I didn’t want to order it as I wanted to try out another interesting place ( for my cakes fix!)


This. Kitty-cino. (~$10-12)

Patisserie G
9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-40 Millenia Walk
(65) 6338-7578
Opening Hours: 8am – 9pm (Mon – Thurs); 8am – 10pm (Fri); 11am – 10pm (Sat); 11am – 9pm (Sun)
* the place might be a little too small, so its better to go earlier, peak hours would be during mid-day 2-5pm, or after dinner from 8-930pm *

This coffee originates from Japan, and this is how it looks like in Japan!


Cappuccino. (~$5-8)

I am not too sure if the coffees from Patisserie G is supposed to be as bitter as it can be, and for someone who occasionally drinks coffee, this might be a tad too strong!


The G Spot ($9) their signature cake, which is dark chocolate mousse with a chocolate hazelnut praline at the bottom. I do not really like dark chocolate due to its bitterness, but surprisingly, this cake tasted moderately sweet!

If I were to go back to Patisserie G, it would be definitely cause of this!

tira 2

Tiramisu ($9), the other cake that we tried, which is lady fingers dipped with coffee, stacked with mascarpone cheese and rum. Instead of using the usual Baileys (as what does other cafes/restaurants does), Patisserie G decides to use rum instead!

However, there was not much a difference to the taste, and instead I rather eat tiramisu from a cup or container instead, as this cake had too much mascarpone cheese, and too little lady fingers, which resulted in making the whole cake a little too creamy.

Overall though,I would still head back to try more of their cakes (the Douceur Chocolate looks great), and have their macaroons. However, once is enough for the Kitty-cino ($$$ and caffeine intolerance), and so instead I would like to try their hot chocolate!

And for The Tastings Room, I would go back if there is a special romantic date and I would like a place that recommends wines that goes well with their dishes.

And so…

Thanks for reading, and I will update my other food experiences as soon as I can!


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